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Dear Departament

It is a pleasure to communicate with you by this means.

Develop a mechanism (which does not fail) in situations of critical emergency or specific events to neutralize extremist actions, terrorism, chemical warfare and other acts related to national security.
It is an internal mechanism mechanism (prototype and proof of concept) for an undetectable micro UAV and anonymous military action on an objective.
Likewise, the invention is lethal and not lethal depending on the government interests of the government over said specific objective. Turning a UAV into a stop operation that does not fail remotely.

In addition to other fields where it fulfills a function.
Neutralization of strategic points guarded
Sniper Neutralization
Remote medical assistance in real time
Defense against chemical wars, epidemics or viruses
Detention of human trafik in real time whit tactical undetected (unique iniciative)

As a young inventor, who is passionate about discovering utilities of disruptive technologies and adding a military function, I am interested in presenting this proposal to the defense authorities. But at the same time, this hierarchical level is totally out of my reach. As well as anti-terrorist or intelligence agencies

My intention is presen this to become a Dubai the first country and maximize the power of defense and atack to resolutive disruptive solution in a crisis.

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